Lafarge gives you a chance for your own home!

Lafarge has presented a programme Lafarge House which announced the entry into a new market segment of the half-fabricated houses. A new home can be built in 28 days.

Dimitrije Knjeginjić

“Entering the market of construction of half-fabricated houses, we wanted to offer the citizens of Serbia the possibility of a quick and efficient way of house building for reasonable price and it connects modern design with the tradition of  Beočin cement factory and Lafarge, which guarantees safety and quality”, said Dimitrije Knjeginjić, CEO of Lafarge Serbia. The first program Lafarge house consists of 9 types of houses, with variants from organic green or traditional sloping roof, the work of the eminent architect Jovan Mitrović. To ensure that as many citizens can get the desired home, Lafarge and Société Générale Bank prepared a unique offer on our market – a favourable loan to build a house. Price per square meter depends on the type of house, ranging from 385 EUR upwards, depending on the type and quality of equipment of the building.

Jovan Mitrović, Dejan Vučinić, Dimitrije Knjeginjić, Rade Bučevac


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