Life on Luštica Panoramic Road

Tivat and Herceg Novi tourist boards present a new tourist offer on the Luštica peninsula

The Luštica peninsula is located between Boka Kotorska and Trašte Bay, with a view that stretches far to the Adriatic Sea. Last year, the peninsula got a new tourist attraction – the Life on Luštica panoramic road, as a result of the cooperation of two tourist boards – Tivat and Herceg Novi, because, territory-wise, Luštica belongs to these two municipalities. The idea behind this cooperation is a joint effort on the valorization of the peninsula and the creation of a unique tourist offer.

The panoramic road project aims to include the Luštica peninsula into a unique tourist offer where you can experience the natural and cultural diversity of this endlessly interesting peninsula, grouped in a relatively small area. During the first project phase, a tourist information map was created, and in the following period, the phased development of this panoramic road will take place, namely the creation of an audio guide in several languages, as well as putting up signage and viewpoints.

It is interesting to note that this relatively small area has numerous viewpoints and natural and cultural attractions, where you can experience the true spirit of rural tourism thanks to the area’s diversity. The road is about 40 kilometres long and the project envisages car tours as well as shorter walking tours lasting a few hours.

To discover what Luštica is hiding, embark on this interesting panoramic adventure. While driving along the winding panoramic road, you will see Luštica villages, wonderful fortresses, breathtaking viewpoints, how people live here and the rich past of the Luštica peninsula. For this venture, it is best to set aside a whole day and drive slowly in order to discover all gems here. We recommend that you follow the map and do your trip in the same sequence shown on the map – visiting Bjelila, Krašice, Zabrdje and Klince, via the villages of Mrkovi, Tići and Mardari to the tourist resort of Luštica Bay.

Old wooden boats and fishing nets, oars, anchors, hooks and traditional Bokelj fishing equipment give a special Mediterranean charm to this part of the Luštica peninsula

A special nature reserve, Solila, and the beautiful as well as beautiful Krtolj archipelago consisting of three islands, the three jewels of Boka – Flower Island (Ostrvo Cvijeća), Sveti Marko – Stradioti and Our Lady of Mercy (Gospa od Milosti) – are located on the Tivat side of the Luštica peninsula. You will also come across Bjelila and Kakrc, small villages in Krtol, that are synonymous with crystal clear sea and a peaceful and relaxing vacation. There is a lot of freshwater mixing in with the sea here and it comes from numerous sources (one of them is right on the coast, in the centre of the settlement). According to the findings of the Institute of Marine Biology, the sea around Kakrc is the cleanest on the entire Montenegrin coast. Also worth visiting are Krašići and Radovići, which are particularly famous for the Pržno Bay, a favourite among tourists and swimmers due to its fine sand.

Krtoli is an extremely attractive locality for both tourists and investors. Small fishing villages like Bjelilo are hidden gems of Krtoli. Painters, poets and musicians sought inspiration here. The sea is clear and clean. Old wooden boats and fishing nets, oars, anchors, hooks and traditional Bokelj fishing equipment give a special Mediterranean charm to this part of the Luštica peninsula with a view of the Island of Flowers, and the islands of Sveti Marko and Our Lady of Mercy.

If you go deeper into the mainland you will find numerous elevations with well-maintained viewpoints. Once you pass the Solila viewpoint, further in the peninsula mainland, there are several elevations in Gošići, near the church of St. Luke, and in Bogišić, near the church of St. Ivan and St. Jovan. At the very end of the Tivat part of the peninsula is Luštica Bay, a luxurious tourist-residential resort whose beaches offer a view of the endless open sea.

This part of Boka Kotorska is also an open-air museum, and we recommend that you visit it. By soaking in the charm and benefits that it offers, you will take home with you beautiful memories and an unforgettable experience.

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