LUKOIL celebrates 25 years

“LUKOIL SERBIA” AD, a daughter-company of PAO “LUKOIL”, with 113 active retail stores is ranked second in the number of gas stations in the market of the Republic of Serbia. The Serbian market is designated as one of the important ones for Lukoil. Throughout the period of stable development of the company full attention is paid to strengthening the company’s reputation in the local market. In its anniversary year, the company started cooperation with a pair of actors Vojin Ćetković – Sloboda Mićalović, with who it shares common positive values.

Lukoil 25 god (1) Lukoil 25 god (2)

In addition to the new loyalty programme, new type of fuel ECTO Sport is on market since September. In 2013 “LUKOIL SERBIA” introduced a new generation of fuel with improved performance characteristics that are produced by the most modern technologies under the brand ECTO ECTO Diesel Plus. From September 2016 company offers premium fuel of ECTO Sport class, Euro unleaded petrol with 98 octanes, for those who want a sporty driving style. The results were presented at the Hotel Metropol.

Lukoil 25 god (13) Lukoil 25 god (3) Lukoil 25 god (6) Lukoil 25 god (10) Lukoil 25 god (11) Lukoil 25 god (12)

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