“Made in Italy” Day

A fashion show inspired by Queen Jelena of Savoy

On the occasion of “Made in Italy” day and marking 100 years since the construction of the Italian Embassy in Belgrade began, at the request of the Italian Queen Helena of Montenegro (Queen Helena of Savoy), as a building that symbolically was supposed to represent the long and rich tradition of relations between Rome and Belgrade, organized by the Italian Embassy and Fabrika agency, last night in the Residence of the Italian Ambassador, 2 original fashion shows inspired by Regina Elena were held:

  • Fashion show of the Montenegrin creator, art historian and art critic, Dr. Anastazija Miranović with a collection inspired by the era of the Petrović-Njegoš dynasty and Queen Jelena of Savoy. All models were made by hand and each dress was a real work of art. The creator also paid special attention to the supplementary assortment, which revived the atmosphere of the era in which Queen Jelena of Savoy lived.
  • Fashion show of the Italian creator, costume designer and scenographer Michele Guadiomonte, known for his hand-painted models, with the “Journey to the Moon” collection dedicated to Queen Jelena of Savoy. At the very end, a special attention and delight was caused by a beautiful silk dress on which was drawn the image of Queen Jelena of Savoy.

The audience, which included numerous ambassadors, officials, representatives of international organizations, but also figures from public life, primarily cultural, who cannot often be seen at public events, felt as if they were at court, enjoyed themselves and saw off the spectacular models shown by the creators.

As part of this event, the famous Italian makeup brand, KIKO Milano, was also promoted, which connected its presence at this fashion show with the opening of the first KIKO store in Podgorica, the birthplace of Queen Regina Elena, to whom this council is dedicated.

The general sponsors of the IFIB event are UniCredit Bank and Bank Intesa, and the sponsors of the evening were Hotel AMI Petrovac, Hotel Nobel Belgrade and M2Comminication, which was in charge of total design. A great contribution to the original impression of the event was made by the team of hair stylist Bojan Nastasić and makeup artist Bojana Dumić.

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