Huge Success of the Local Animated Series – Serbian Animated Children’s Series “Om Nom Stories” at Disney+

Disney recently acquired the rights for the international screening of the Serbian animated children’s series “Om Nom Stories” on the Disney+ platform.

The series “Om Nom Stories”, a collaborative project by brilliant professionals from Serbia and the world, working together in a team of animators, directors and sound designers, has already won the hearts of millions on YouTube, with over 4.1 million subscribers and more than 3.5 billion views. Disney+ marks a new chapter for the 250-episode series, which will be available in 17 languages. This animated show is based on the popular Cut the Rope games.

Dmitrii Gorbunov, series producer and the executive producer of Metaxilasis studio from Belgrade, stated on this occasion: “I am overjoyed by the transformation of Om Nom Stories from a YouTube series to a cherished global phenomenon. A heartfelt thank you to our incredible team and everyone who contributed to the development and distribution of this project. Their unwavering dedication has spread joy and laughter worldwide. I earnestly hope that this adorable green monster continues to win the hearts of children everywhere, spreading delight and inspiring imagination across the globe.”

The story revolves around the funny and exciting irresistible hero from the popular game, a clumsy monster named Om Nom. Season after season he takes young viewers through a whirlwind of joyful adventures with new hobbies, professions, friends and even superpowers. His wife Om Nelle and mischievous son Nibble Nom are also among the main characters.

“Om Nom Stories” was produced by Metaxilasis and their reliable partner Sound Guru Studios from Belgrade, for the British company Zeptolab as the client.

Also, Metaxilasis is currently developing a new animated series, “TinkerBen and Motor”, which has already attracted international attention and will be presented at the Animation Production Days program of the Stuttgart Animated Film Festival in April this year. This prestigious platform for presenting ideas at the European and international level, with around 170 participants from over 20 countries, is one of the most important events for animated films and series in the development phase.

“TinkerBen and Motor” follows the adventures of a boy-genius engineer who teams up with his robo-dog pal, Motor, and his talented friends to help out the friendly folk of Wowtown, using cool gadgets, ingenuity and the power of friendship. Children in Serbia will enjoy this series in the fall of 2024.

Metaxilasis is a 2D animation studio from Belgrade, managed by experienced producers, focused on creating high quality animation for the international market. Metaxilasis projects are already present at more than 80 platforms worldwide, including Netflix, Boomerang, Apple+ and Disney+.

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