Maja Gojković, Speaker of the National Parliament: Stability is the key

We are responsible for maintaining stability.

The most important tasks for Serbia in 2018 are preserving independent foreign policy and regional stability in complex circumstances, as well as maintaining the course of fiscal stability and economic growth.

This is an excellent opportunity for everyone, as participants in different panel discussions, to talk about the challenges that await Europe, the world, and Serbia in 2018. Today, we are truly living in a time of changing geopolitical reality, and global challenges and changes, such as terrorism, cybercrime, refugees, migration, economic difficulties, climate change and many others. The EU itself faces political, economic and security challenges. The answer to these challenges has probably never been more important as it is now because the rate of change often leaves no time for adjustment. All of this reminds us that we have to look at Serbia’s position; first and foremost, at our national and state interests. Political and economic stability is the key and prerequisite for Serbia’s progress, and it is our responsibility to preserve them.

Our policy is clear, with the full-fledged EU membership remaining one of the foreign policy priorities of Serbia. Concurrently, we want to preserve the best possible relations with Russia, China, the US and other countries. In the past period, the Serbian Parliament has established cooperation at the highest possible institutional level with the Russian State Duma and the National People’s Congress of China.

The parliamentary debate about the 2018 budget is finished, while the reforms have resulted in stable public finances which, in turn, facilitates higher civil servant salaries and pensions, as well as higher investments which we predict will grow by 30% next year. We can confidently say that the citizens of Serbia will live better in 2018. Good relations and cooperation with the region are one of the priorities of Serbia’s foreign policy, with the goal of building these relations on the basis of mutual trust and understanding in which the Berlin Process plays an important role.

I am convinced that only economic development can contribute to the stronger region as a whole, its stability and its willingness to deal with all kinds of challenges.

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