MARIJA DIMITRIJEVIĆ, Quality Manager at Gebrüder Weiss Serbia: TAPA Standard Guarantees SAFETY OF GOODS

Due to the desire for better security in its warehouse and premises, the logistics company Gebrüder Weiss Serbia decided to become a member of the TAPA organization, hence, in 2012, the company instigated and successfully implemented a series of technical and organizational measures needed to obtain the TAPA certification. We talked in detail about this standard with Marija Dimitrijević, Quality Manager at Gebrüder Weiss Serbia.

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is not that known to people who are not engaged in logistics and transport. Could you tell us more about this organization?

— TAPA provides companies with the ability to combat crime in transport using a widespread network. The aim is to put together a forum of responsible managers and share professional information for the common benefit. TAPA collects information on incidents and security crimes from global manufacturers, logistics providers, carriers, law enforcement agencies and other interest groups, processes them and transmits the processed information to their members. It has also developed a strategy for reducing losses in international supply chains and has set standards that help reduce the risk of theft or fraud. TAPA has been active in Europe since May 1999. Gebrüder Weiss GmbH has been an associate member of the TAPA organization since January 2005, and a full-fledged member since 2007.

What benefits do customers get from using services of Gebrüder Weiss? How do you stand out from the competition?

— By identifying the growing losses and increased number of thefts in warehouses and trucks, we can guarantee clients a high level of safety of their goods. These protection criteria are regularly reviewed by security experts. Our customers can be sure that their goods are well-protected and that Gebrüder Weiss offers an excellent service in terms of safe delivery of goods to a pre-determined destination. Independence, sustainability, commitment and quality of service are the key values of our company. These principles not only support our most important values, but they also include one of our main goals which is customer satisfaction. From the perspective of a logistics company, the customer is satisfied when their goods are in safe hands. This is also the reason why we are investing all our efforts into providing our clients with a sense of security. TAPA also helps to create awareness of security issues in a company. Employees are trained to deal with strangers and not only in the facility but also in terms of controlling access to the offices. All Gebrüder Weiss sites that are TAPA certified have video surveillance cameras (CCTV), special alarm detectors and lights that ensure face recognition in the dark, precise entry supervision, documented security processes and special training for drivers based on relevant security topics. The company guarantees that no unidentified persons will have access to facilities thus reducing the risk of theft. Thanks to these measures, Gebrüder Weiss stands out from the competition in the market.

Beside TAPA, what other certificates does GW have?

— In addition to the TAPA certificate, we have the ISO 9001 quality standard and we have been assigned the third level OPS authorization for simplified customs procedures/safety and security (AEO F). The AEO F certificate is issued to a company that meets the criteria for complying with customs regulations, appropriate record keeping, financial solvency and compliance with the relevant safety and security standards. Customers who use our company for transport will get their goods faster due to simplified customs procedures in import and export and faster and easier transit of goods at border crossings.

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