Marina Kreculj Pešić – Senior HR Partner, Assert: Career Transition – do you have back up plan?

Our capability to accept and respond to change will define our employability. In this journey we can rely on expert advice.

Assert consultants may help in providing successful career transition of numerous professionals of different seniority and vocations all over the globe.


Coronavirus pandemic has been provoking fear for our opportunities, its name being the certainty of the uncertain.

Peter Dracker framed that ’The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different’.  This powerful idea is as liberating as it is inspirational and once we begin to observe career transition through this prism, the powerful tool “to go“ will be added to our existing arsenal.

Letting go of meticulously planned career targets is easily the best thing you could do for achieving smooth career transition. Relinquishing imperative pursue for the ideal workplace, promising company or stable industry leaves us room for the following questions: How do I want to spend my work days? What is one thing I can do without? Such approach gives us a new perspective of more opportunities for our professional needs.

Plan to getting promoted gives way to the process of continuous learning and development. The key element here is being aware what are potential improvement points that could take us one step further towards success. In WEF research states that successful individual in 2020 is characterized by analytical, critical, flexible, creative thought process as well as emotional intelligence. It is quite interesting that 5 years later, the list was updated and as a result – listed traits were similar, but sequence was rather different. The logical question is whether these traits would be as valued in altered working conditions due to pandemic, changed in short period of couple of months only ( more details on this topic could be found in the article „10 competences that can guarantee successful work from home“). In short, our capability to accept and respond to change will define our employability.

Continuous learning could be seen as a frustrating strain over never-ending projects or as tool against monotony. The difference lies in the perspective we choose to adopt. Taking active and central role in career transition is crucial. Layoffs do not just happen to us, we face them; we do not just accept offers, we choose them. To regard gap between two assignments as a scenario so catastrophic that can impact our entire career not only is unrealistic, but it is not helping us one bit.

To sum it up, to have a plan B could be transferred into planning the plan B. Re-planning the back-up plan is the only sustainable action we could ever been striving to. What does that mean exactly? It means that we should consider accepting changes in career part as integral part of career development journey (not as some catastrophic turning point) for which we are being conditioned by remaining curious and open to new skills and perspectives.

For systematic professional support that comprises modern tools, current job market information, active professional network and dedicated support Assert consultants are at disposal through Assert official email: Programs of career transition facilitated and enabled successful career transition of numerous professionals of different seniority and vocations.

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