A rather unique book called “Testimony of Time – the World of Marketing Then and Now” (in Serbian: „Svedočanstva o jednom vremenu – o svetu marketinga nekada i sada“) has just been launched, written by 88 authors – 83 from Serbia, 3 from Croatia and one from Slovenia and the United States each.

The book has 604 pages, hard covers (weighing about four kilogrammes), with the authors’ contribution in the shape of essays that talk about the time when advertising was invented, advertising itself, market communications, and the emergence and development of marketing and related subjects, not only in the function of the economy, but society in general. In addition to the topics such as advertising and development of market communications, and the development of public relations, the book content also covers topics like digital marketing, the use of the Internet in the development of communications, political marketing, and marketing in sports and many other segments of the economy and society. The essence of this book is that its content is not just based on theoretical contributions with all the respect for the development of theory, but also includes a number of practical examples of the application of marketing philosophy, sometimes with a critical aspect of the situation, primarily in Serbia. The book’s promotion is also going to be one-of-a-kind, and it will be done in a form of five panel discussions in a row that will take place this year.

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