Local Government Prize for Director of “PIK Bečej” Petar Pješčić

The annual award of the Municipality of Bečej from the field of economy was handed to Petar Pješčić, general manager of the company “PIK Bečej”.


Socially responsible engagement, work and advocacy for better working conditions in local self-government contributed to the award. At the head of the company “PIK Bečej”, Pješčić has been since the end of 2015, and the representatives of local self-government praised his positive influence on the development of entrepreneurship in this municipality, unselfishness and social responsibility. Pješčić thanked for the award and pointed out that this company, which operates within the MK Group, manages the corporate culture of continuous work and advocacy for improving the lives of people in the municipalities where the companies from the MK Group. “PIK Bečej employs 700 people. It pays close to 3.5 million euros for taxes and contributions on an annual basis, while MK Group system with its member companies allocates around 109 million euros” said Pješčić.

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