McDonald’s has donated over 2 million dinars in cash and meals so far

McDonald’s has donated over 2 million dinars in cash and meals in Serbia since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

McDonald’s was among the first companies to respond to the invitation of the B92 Fund and the Philanthropic Forum of Serbia, and from 20 to 31 March, donated 100 meals a day to the ER employees in Belgrade with the support of its partner Starting with 1 April, the company has upped the number of donated meals to 120.

Apart from the ER, McDonald’s delivers 20 meals a day to volunteers at the Red Cross Belgrade, 20 Happy Meals a day to the pediatric ward of the Dr. Olga Dedijer Children’s Hospital, and has made a one-off donation of 200 meals to Lice Ulice (The Face of the Street) charity magazine.

Furthermore, McDonald’s was one of the first companies to support the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia in its efforts to provide senior citizens with food packages and donated 1 million dinars towards purchasing essential groceries.

Since coming to the Serbian market in 1988, McDonald’s has been promoting philanthropic culture and strives to help the most vulnerable groups, such as institutions and associations caring for sick children and adults, the Food Bank and various sports, educational and cultural projects and organizations through various types of donations and providing continuous support to the local community.

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