SMS number 7300 is activated for support in fight against coronavirus

#StayAtHome and donate to 7300 or via the platform

Thanks to the organization Catalyst Balkans, the citizens can now support the fight against the consequences of coronavirus by sending a message to 7300 at a price of RSD 200, including VAT. The message must contain at least one character. Additionally, Catalyst has designed a platform, so that the citizens can also contibute with online donations.

This battle depends on all of us, and that is why we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to be a part of it. We invite the citizens to stay at home and use their phones to send a message with at least one character to 7300, or to donate via platform, and choose the project they want to support“, stated Milos Jankovic from Catalyst.

Catalyst Balkans has thanked the mobile operators who have recognized the importance of this initiative and enabled its realization as soon as possible.

Through the platform in just a few days, citizens have donated RSD 1.5 million to support those who are vulnerable and homeless, but also to support the production of masks for medical workers. With these donations, non-profit organizations have manufactured 12.500 protective masks which have been distributed to over 15 cities in Serbia, provided food and hygiene products for 43 socially vulnerable individuals and single mothers, prepared packages for homeless and for the users of Soup kitchen, and helped the Pediatrics department of the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara with food supplies.

All the information about the actions, raised funds and the way they are spent are available at

Catalyst Balkans is a member of the Coallition fr Giving, led by Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation. Other members of the Coallition are Trag Foundation, SMART kolektiv, Serbian Philanthropy Forum, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Responsible Business Forum. is a crowdfunding platform led by Catalyst Balkans – a regional foundation which is developing philanthropy in the West Balkans by providing information and technology to non-profit organizations and socially responsible companies.

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