Meetings of the French, Greek and Croatian business communities in Serbia

Representatives of companies from the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Hellenic Business Association and the Croatian Business Club met at the Metropol Hotel again in a series of events at the “Speed ​​Business Meeting”.

Members of these business associations had the opportunity to expand their network of contacts and through this innovative format of the informal meeting to establish the basis for future business cooperation. More than 30 participants, members of the three chambers, from different sectors, had the opportunity to discuss “one on one” the potential forms of cooperation. After the formal meetings were concluded, a networking cocktail was organised for all participants, during which the representatives of the companies had the opportunity to continue the business connection and exchange of additional information with the present interlocutors. Speed ​​Business Meeting was opened by Marija Radulović, President of the Croatian Business Club in Serbia, Director General of the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce Sanja Ivanić and Executive Director of Hellenic Business Alliance Fanina Popaz-Kovačević.

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