Safe on the ski slope with AMS Insurance

You count your days to go to winter abroad, where will you briefly forget about all the problems on the ski track? No matter how skilled you are in this recreation, the risk of ski injuries is high and therefore it’s good to think about it on time. Be sure that there are a number of accidents, and get protected against unwanted financial losses and enjoy a vacation without any load.

AMS Insurance has made it possible for you to arrange Travel Health Insurance online at and so make sure that we pay very expensive costs of treatment abroad, instead of you. Whether you need emergency medical intervention, medicines and medical supplies, as well as many other health services, in accordance with the terms and conditions of insurance, you only need to report the insured case by calling the phone number you receive along with the policy. So, instead of paying a medical check up to more than 50 euros, you will, if agreed, cover all of the treatment for only 1.102 dinars, which costs an individual policy for 7 days of skiing in the territory of Europe. Savings are great, especially if you go skiing in a family, because the premium in this case is only 2,425 dinars for the same time period. 

Also, in order for you to leave completely relaxed, do not forget that, while on the way, you also provide your own apartment or house from accidents while you are away. AMS Insurance offers you the possibility of online home insurance policies online in just a few steps on our website Secure your home from a number of risks such as fire, water spills from installations, robbery, weather or burglary, if agreed, in accordance with the terms and conditions of insurance.

Do not let unplanned events spoil you in the circle of your loved ones, but travel completely safe, leaving the care of the professional and professional team of AMS Insurance. A detailed guide to online insurance contracting can be found on our website. For more information, please call 0800-009-009! AMS Insurance wishes you a pleasant and happy journey!

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