Mercedes presented its new models

Mercedes-Benz and Star Import, general distributor for Mercedes-Benz and smart vehicles in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with Daimler presentd its new models from different classes of vehicles at the polygon of NAVAK (National Drivers’ Academy) at Subotište, near Pećinci during the interactive show called Mercedes-Benz Star Experience “Masterpieces”.

Mercedes (4) Mercedes (1) Mercedes (2) Mercedes (3)

Also, the new intelligent drive features were shown, like smart parking, braking and avoidng crashes. The vehicles were driven to Serbia by top German sport race drivers and the visitors from the media could test the vehicles on the Top-Gear-like driving polygon, and in the city conditions. sportski model Mercedes-AMG GT. Also, the new features were shown, „Intelligent drive“, „Safety parcour“, „Agility“ and „On road“. This year’s main instructor Stefan Neuberger applied promoted exercises and training mode, on the fastest Mercedes-Benz models. All those present were able to get acquainted with the benefits of original spare parts and after-sales activities in a specially designed after-sales hall.


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