New Economic Caucus Constituted in the Assembly

The second Economic Caucus of the new legislature of the National Assembly will consist of 13 delegates from 9 parties, which will, along with NALED, work on improving the legal framework for doing business in Serbia.

Konstituisan novi sastav Ekonomskog kokusa

New members of the Economic Caucus are Ostoja Mijailović (SNS), Đorđe Milićević (SPS), Goran Ćirić (DS), Miroslav Aleksić (NPS), Aleksandra Tomić (SNS), Ognjen Pantović (SNP) and Ivan Kostić (Dveri). Members who have maintained a position are Dr Vladimir Marinković (SDPS), Katarina Rakić ​​(SNS), Milosav Milojević (SNS), Vojislav Vujić (JS), Zoltan Pek (SVM) and Žarko Mićin (SNS). For the second President of the Economic Caucus was re-elected Deputy Chairman Dr Vladimir Marinković, while the deputy is MP Katarina Rakić ​​(SNS). Since its establishment in November 2014, the Caucus, in cooperation with NALED prepared 100 amendments to the laws governing the business environment, of which as many as 90 were adopted. Following the adoption of the Statute, the Economic Caucus immediately went to work, and the first topic of discussion was the Draft of the law on amendments to the Law on Local Government Finance.

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