Messer: Increased supply of medical oxygen to fight the coronavirus

In these difficult times of the global pandemic, the Messer Tehnogas Company has been able to provide the increased amounts of medical oxygen needed to treat the most serious patients infected with the new coronavirus – Covid 19.

Medical oxygen for patients

In this regard, this company has invested significant resources in the equipment for increasing oxygen consumption capacity, such as additional tanks with the medical oxygen which have been installed at the Clinical Centre of Serbia, the Military Medical Centre in Karaburma and the Military Hospital in Niš, which has been designated as the main regional hospital for the accomodation of corona patients in Southern Serbia. Messer has also expanded the supply capacities and adapted the installations for a central supply of medical oxygen in the Clinical Hospital Centre in Zemun. Additionally, 200 regulators have been adjusted for direct oxygen consumption from the cylinders.

Messer Tehnogas, as a company that plays an important role in supplying the Serbian market with vital medical gases, through continuous communication and in mutual agreement with the COVID-19 Infection Disease Crisis Response Team of the Serbian government, provides regular and reliable distribution of medical gases to required health care institutions in our country.

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