Sberbank Donates Funds to RFZO, UNICEF, Kikinda General Hospital, and Anja Stojanović

In a time when our country is facing a crisis situation, what we need most of all is solidarity. With an aim to help overcome the pandemic of the COVID – 19 virus, Sberbank Srbija decided to donate a certain amount of funds to facilitate the procurement of ventilators, essential medical equipment and instruments.

First and foremost, with the funds donated to the National Health Insurance Fund (RFZO), we contributed to the procurement of the much needed ventilators. Furthermore, with a donation to UNICEF, we made our contribution to the funds being raised for the purchase of protective equipment for medical workers. Also, having in mind that the city of Kikinda was recognized as one of the most at-risk areas during the pandemic, Sberbank donated the necessary medical instruments for patients with severe respiratory conditions to the city’s General Hospital.

Unfortunately, we are witness to the fact that tragedies come unexpectedly. Anja Stojanović from Belgrade has recently lost her family and home in a fire that broke out in a residential building in Novi Beograd. In an effort to make this extremely difficult time easier for her, Sberbank Srbija made a financial donation to Anja.

With these donations, we wish to help those who are fighting, day after day, to overcome the current situation and return to the normal life as quickly as possible. We have also encouraged all our employees to show their solidarity by personal example and donations, and to take part in these initiatives as well,” said Marijana Vasilescu, President of the Executive Board.


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