METRO Cash & Carry – support at all times

The pandemic of the COVID-19 virus has disrupted the lives of all people, especially those who are already in a difficult position, which is why it is necessary to provide them with the support and help even after the end of the state of the emergency.

METRO Cash & Carry Serbia, recognized the extensiveness of the problem and in cooperation with the Food Bank Belgrade donated groceries to the residents of the Sigurna kuca Beograd. The company has also supported Drustvo MNRO Zvezdara, as well the sellers of the LICEULICE magazine – who can often be seen in the METRO stores. Also, in the midst of the pandemic, the necessary hygienic and disinfectants were provided for the Emergency Service in Kragujevac and its selfless team of health workers, who were on the front lines of defence and health protection of all Kragujevac citizens during the peak of the pandemic.

“Since our arrival in Serbia 15 years ago, METRO has always strived to be a reliable employer, partner and responsible member of the society. Our mission is to provide maximum service and quality to our partners and customers, but also to help those that need support and assistance. Only with solidarity and togetherness can we overcome the challenges ahead of us faster, and come out of them stronger “, said André Rinnensland, CEO of METRO Cash & Carry Serbia.

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