Microsoft HoloLens technology at Gorenje

Gorenje Group has introduced Microsoft HoloLens technology into its Research and Development Center (R&D), as well as in the IT sector.

HoloLens enables more advanced and efficient product development from the perspective of user experience. In such a work environment, product performance is tested and then further developed and adapted for everyday use. Microsoft HoloLens are made from specialised components, special hardware, software and customised holographic computing applications. The HPU (Holographic Processor Unit) on the front of the glasses makes and copies of holographic images, while at the same time it is allowing the user free movement and interaction with the holograms. HoloLens makes 3D objects a part of physical reality. The biggest advantage of this technology is the ability to change, create and test the performance of the camera through a 3D hologram. HoloLens cameras monitor users’ movements and react to them very quickly and adequately. In this way it is possible to design, adapt, change and analyse the configuration and design of products that will ultimately be found in the home of the end user.

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