Miele at the IFA 2016 introduced its first bagless vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming without bags, but with excellent cleaning performance and practicality and the higher lever systems with a bag that is emptying – Miele announces its key products and new features for this year’s IFA in Berlin. The following innovations will focus on the purity of laundry, washing machines and dryers that offer an unparalleled combination of performance and practicality. In the field of washing machines Miele will present modernised models with enriched functions.


For many years Miele was the leading manufacturer of conventional cylinder vacuum cleaners on the market, not wanting to step into the segment of the bagless vacuum cleaners. “Vacuuming without bags has not been compatible with the needs of demanding users of Miele when it came to high-performance cleaning, convenience and hygiene,” is the explanation given by Frank Jüttner, Managing Director of Miele retail branches in Germany. As the advocates of this approach to vacuuming became more numerous, Miele engineers did their best to overcome the disadvantages of this system.

Miele na IFA sajmu

And they succeeded in it! “Now our customers can be offered devices that suck the dust thoroughly and quietly, without creating a cloud of dust when emptying and offer excellence in handling,” says Jüttner. Blizzard CX1 has been developed and manufactured in Miele factory in Bielefeld. According to testing its durability is 20 years, it offers a different design than competitive offerings and will be available at reasonable prices. Jüttner is not revealing more details as it will be officially presented at the IFA.

Also there is an offer of Miele washers and dryers, which have a new design. With a maximum capacity of 8 kg they can wash and dry up to 5 kg of laundry, which corresponds to the typical amount of laundry at home, and you do not have to remove a part of the machine between the two cycles. At the same time new MieleWT1 offers key practical features that washing machines and dryers from Miele model lines W1 and T1 are different from the competition, including an automatic two-phase adding of the TwinDos liquid detergent.

The most practical washing machines and dryers on the market

Fast and efficient cycle PowerWash 2.0 in combination with the new function “QuickPower Wash & Dry” ensures that 4 kg of laundry washes and dries in less than 3 hours. Even processing 5 kg of laundry in this programme takes just half an hour longer. WT1 is available with TwinDos technology, which is the only integrated system of adding two phase liquid detergents in the world whihc guarantees perfectly even washing of white and very soiled fabrics.
Depending on functions, WT1 can connect to the Internet via WLAN using a Miele applications without any additional hardware. When the detergent level in the reservoir is running low, TwinDos automatically sends this information to mobile phone or tablet with the possibility of ordering. “No other washing and drying machine on the market can automatically add detergent, and certainly not in combination with a minimum duration of the cycle,” summed up Frank Jüttner.



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