Save paying bills at UniCredit Bank ATMs

According to data from the “Assess Financial Survey” conducted by the IMF, in 2015 the number of ATMs per million inhabitants in Croatia has exceeded 1220, 1160 in Bulgaria, 680 in Romania, 600 in Macedonia, while in Serbia the number exceeds 450.


It leads to the conclusion that there is a great potential for market growth of ATMs. In the first 6 months, the number of UniCredit Bank ATMs increased by 20%, which led to an increase in the number of transactions by 30% and increase trade volume by 35%. What distinguishes multifunctional UniCredit Bank ATMs, is that, there are some special functions: users can pay bills with no charge, make payments, supplement mobile phones and perform exchange operations, pay the bills from Infostan, Elektrodistribucija Jugoistok, Informatika PTT, Telekom, Telenor and VIP mobile, Orion Telecom, JP Užice, and Pošta Net. If the average family of three pays the bills through these ATMs, it ca save up to 5,500 RSD per year, so it is not surprising that the number of paying bills by ATMs saw a growth of 55%.

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