Miele Innovations at IFA Fair

At the IFA Global Press press conference Miele presented its most exciting new products and services and addressed the current business situation in challenging times. This year, the focus is on intelligent and innovative kitchen help systems.

Maximum convenience in a small package – the new 45 cm dishwashers from Miele

Measuring just 45 centimetres wide, the G 5000 SL generation offers a host of high-quality, convenient features that have so far been the preserve of larger appliances: extremely convenient loading, top performance and, of course, networking.

At the heart of this new range is EcoPower technology, which makes use of an improved circulation pump, new spray arms and a highly effective filter system. This means that water consumption is reduced to six litres in the automatic programme and energy efficiency is able to achieve standards of up to A+++ -10%, with outstanding cleaning results. Besides that, the patented AutoOpen drying feature ensures outstanding drying results by opening the door slightly at the end of the programme.

The FlexLine baskets make the G 5000 SL even more flexible and convenient, with wide handles that ensure the baskets are easy to pull out. The MultiFlex tray in the 45 cm models can be adapted to different situations thanks to a row of spikes that can be lowered. In the upper basket, the height-adjustable FlexCare cup rack features a pimpled surface that holds cups securely in place. As well as this, there are high-quality silicone holders that are designed to protect wine and champagne glasses.

As the rows of spikes in the lower basket can be moved down, even large pans and other extensive items can be placed inside.

For the first time, Miele’s slim 45 cm dishwashers are network-enabled with WiFiConn@ct, making it possible for users to see the appliance status on their smartphone or tablet – and even order more detergent – while they’re on the go.

CookAssist digital cooking experience from Miele

CookAssist is a new function in the Miele@mobile app. From a smartphone or tablet, it provides the user with step-by-step instructions and helpful photos to guide them through the entire frying process. Following a graphic, they can ensure that the pan is heated to the precise temperature their dish requires. The intelligent TempControl sensor in the hob detects the temperature of the cookware and automatically keeps the pan at the right temperature, so there’s no longer any need to make constant adjustments or worry about the food burning!

As soon as the temperature required to start cooking has been reached, the user is prompted to place the food in the pan. The app then provides a helping hand through every stage of the recipe – right up until the dish is ready to serve. For example, it tells the user when it is the right time to turn the salmon or steak. Apart from induction cookware, no special accessories are required.

CookAssist smart assistance system can be used on all current KM 7000 induction hobs with the proven TempControl function. A further feature is the “Keeping warm plus” function which gently cooks food or keeps it warm. In addition, every TempControl hob has a PowerFlex cooking area which can be adapted to suit every cooking situation.

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