Mila Korugić Milošević is the new president of the Komercijalna Banka

Mila Korugić Milošević is the new president of the Administrative Association of Komercijalna Banka Beograd, as decided by the Shareholders Assembly of that bank.

At a session held on January 29, 2018, the Shareholders Assembly replaced the former chairman of the Governing Board of Vladimir Krulaj. The newly-elected president will be for four years. At the same meeting, Mats Kjaer was dismissed as an independent member of the UO and Javed Hamid was appointed four years in office. At the same meeting, the Shareholders Assembly of Komercijalna Banka adopted the Bank’s strategy and business plan for the period from 2018 to 2020. Mila Korugić Milošević has 20 years of professional experience and worked in such companies as Sever Subotica, Kapital Banka, Vojvođanska Banka, Postbanka, Čačanska banka etc. Her special area of expertise in Deloitte&Touche Yugoslavia is financial analysis.

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