Vojislav Lazarević heads the Addiko Bank

Not only Komercijalna Banka will mark the beginning of the new business year with the appointment of a new General Manager.

While Vladimir Medan is coming to the position of the head of this bank, Vladimir Medan is coming to the position of the first man of Addiko Bank Vojislav Lazarević was former chairman of the Piraeus Bank executive board. Lazarević, in addition to the management of Piraeus Bank, previously worked in high positions in Vojvođanska banka, but also in Societe Generale Bank in Greece, where he started his banking career. Vladimir Medan, however, gets to the Commercial Bank from the leading position in the Deposit Insurance Agency. He was previously in charge of Novosadska Bank, at the time of its sale to Erste Bank, and then by Basler Insurance.

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