Miodrag Kostic puts his hotel at the disposal of the State in the fight against coronavirus

Belgrade, 24 March 2020 – Miodrag Kostić, President of MK Group, has joined the fight against COVID19 virus by putting the accommodation capacities of the hotel in Novi Sad at the disposal of the Public Health Institute of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanović Batut”, who are most in need at the moment. In addition, Mr. Kostić and his company will cover all costs that may arise in connection with the stay at this hotel.

According to the announcements of the officials, the largest wave of coronavirus infection in Serbia is expected soon, and MK Group’s President is among the first entrepreneurs to show his humanity at a crucial moment. Just as Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich has put his hotel in London to use of the National Health Service, so is one of the most successful businessmen in our region and renowned humanist Miodrag Kostić decided to help the community to cope with the virus outbreak.

Further, MK Group is being socially responsible in this period in other ways too, including a donation of almost 6 million dinars to the Institute of Virology, Vaccines and Serums “Torlak”, in order to assist in the most vulnerable period in the procurement of the necessary diagnostic tools for COVID19. With this donation, MK Group is the first company to provide financial assistance to competent institutions in order to provide significant support to our country’s health system. Also, MK Group’s member companies have delivered a food donation worth 4 million dinars to Belgrade’s retired senior citizens this week. In this way the products of our company are delivered free of charge to our senior citizens while they are staying in their homes.

In an effort to help Serbia win over the fight against the coronavirus as soon as possible, Mr. Miodrag Kostić has once again shown his humanity and has given a great deal of assistance to all those actively involved in the fight against the current global enemy by putting the hotel accommodation capacities to use.

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