UNIQA travel insurance: what does it cover and how to extend it from abroad?

Travel insurance is of great importance for anyone staying abroad. If you are living abroad during a pandemic and a state of emergency, it is important to know what exactly travel insurance covers in this kind of situation and how you can extend it from abroad.

The UNIQA travel insurance policy covers inpatient and outpatient treatment of our citizens abroad resulting from a sudden illness or accident. This travel insurance’s standard package covers the cost of treatment abroad up to 30,000 euro. Epidemics and pandemics in the territory in which the insurance beneficiary resides are considered exceptions.

This means that if a sudden illness or accident occurs during your stay abroad, you have to call the UNIQA Help Centre (+381 11 36 36 955 or Viber number: +381 63 36 75 99) who will then direct you to the nearest health care facility. If a client is tested positive to the coronavirus, further medical treatment is provided in accordance with the health protocol of the country in which the insured person resides. This means that the relevant country, following its protocols, prescribes the facility placement and treatment of patients and bears the costs of treating patients infected with COVID-19.

The UNIQA travel insurance policy can be used regularly in a given territory for all other medical services.

UNIQA travel insurance beneficiaries currently staying abroad can extend their travel insurance policy by calling the UNIQA Contact Centre on +381 11 20 24 100 or 0800 201 301 (toll free number for calls from Serbia). For easier and faster communication, the policy can be extended by a person close to the client who is located in Serbia.


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