MK Group Celebrated 40 Years of Business

At the jubilee celebration, with a large number of dignitaries from business and public life, new investments worth 1.6 billion euros were presented

Photo: Darko Radulović

MK Group organized a celebration on the occasion of 40 years of successful business, under the slogan “Celebrating the future – the best is yet to come”. The jubilee gathered a large number of guests from the economic and public life of Serbia and the region, bearing in mind the value that this company generates for the Serbian economy, the number of people it employs, but also the funds it allocates every year for humanitarian and socially responsible activities, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Brnabić addressed to guests at the beginning of the celebration.

Ana Brnabić, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Photo: Peđa Vučković

“On behalf of the government of the Republic of Serbia, and on my own behalf, I want to congratulate you on 40 years of successful work. Thank you for everything you have done in the last 40 years in Serbia and for Serbia, for boldly and successfully stepping outside the borders of our country and for successfully competing in the region, and in the wider region in this part of Europe, and for thus being one from those companies that represent the economic representation of Serbia. Thank you for investing in children, family, and education, and being a partner of the Republic of Serbia on whom we can always rely,” said Ana Brnabić, Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia.

Aleksandar Kostić, Photo: Darko Radulović

On behalf of the founder and president of MK Group, Miodrag Kostić, and in his own name, Aleksandar Kostić, vice president of MK Group, who has been running the company for the past five years, which today employs 4,000 people in the Adria region, spoke at the jubilee celebration. “Miodrag Kostić’s vision has been driving MK Group for 40 years. But we wouldn’t be here today without the people who dedicated their careers to its development. That’s why I especially thank all employees. Together we push the boundaries and with new energy develop the vision of the company for the next 40 years. I personally believe that great successes are ahead of us and that the best is yet to come. That is why, in the year of the jubilee, we decided to celebrate the future and present new projects and an investment cycle worth 1.6 billion euros, which we will implement in the next 3 years. Also, I promise that in a period of five years, we will set aside 50 million euros for donations to society and the communities in which we operate”, said Aleksandar Kostić, vice president of MK Group.

Photo: Darko Radulović

In celebration of four decades of business, MK Group presented new investments in food, energy, destinations, and people of the future. “Our investments in agriculture by 2026 will amount to 350 million euros. Of particular note is the investment of 33 million euros in the alcohol factory in Kovačica, thanks to which Serbia will become an exporter of alcohol for the first time. The largest part of the investments, as much as 900 million euros, will be allocated for green energy projects with a total capacity of 1GW. The first project that will be completed already this year is the Krivača wind park in eastern Serbia, and MK Group is also building two new wind parks and a biogas plant in Vojvodina, as well as the first “agrosolar” project in the Balkans. In the next 3 years, the company will invest 380 million euros in tourism and real estate. After the opening of Petram Resort & Residences in Istria this summer, there will be investments in our two Kempinski hotels in Croatia and Slovenia, as well as investments in new projects in Serbia and the region,” said Mihailo Janković, CEO of MK Group.

Mihailo Janković, Aleksandra Stojanović, Aleksandar Kostić, Photo: Srđan Bosnić

Aleksandra Stojanović, director of corporate affairs of MK Group, pointed out that the company also celebrates its anniversary by giving gifts, through numerous socially responsible activities: “We are proud of the 40 years that brought MK Group to the position of one of the most successful companies in this part of Europe. We are especially proud that in the year of the jubilee, we raised the standards of corporate governance, adopted the ESG strategy, and are finalizing donations for over 20 kindergartens in the region.”

Photo: Darko Radulović

MK Group’s 40-year existence is the result of exceptional work, dedication, and synergy of all company employees, as well as nurturing good relations and cooperation with business partners, local communities, and numerous institutions during all these years.

Photo: Darko Radulović


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