MK Group made the youngest and bravest fighters happy with gifts

The MK Group organized the distribution of New Year’s packages for children from the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer NURDOR. The gathering in a festive atmosphere took place at the Parents’ House in Novi Sad, in the presence of Santa Claus

On behalf of the MK Group, gifts were presented to the children by Jovan Purar, General Manager and Head of the Legal and General Affairs Sector in the company. “Holidays are a period when families traditionally get together and enjoy the time they spend together. For those who have gone through a period of struggle and uncertainty, this time of year has even greater significance. The MK Group has been supporting the Association and our youngest fighters for years, and we are proud of the long-term cooperation we have with NURDOR. Improving the quality of treatment and life of children suffering from cancer in Serbia is a common mission of all of us, where everyone can contribute in their own way,” said Jovan Purar, General Manager and Head of the Legal and General Affairs Sector in the MK Group, on the occasion.

For the holidays, the MK Group, in cooperation with NURDOR, invested efforts in making the children and their parents feel as comfortable as possible.

A big thank you to the MK Group, which has traditionally donated beautiful gifts to us this year again. There are no words to express our gratitude for everything you have done for the children and our Association in the last ten years of our cooperation. Thank you for being a socially responsible company and for recognizing NURDOR as a partner in creating a better world for our youngest fighters,” said Joland Korora, Chairwoman of the NURDOR Board of Directors.

“Holidays are a great occasion for socializing and giving gifts. I would like to thank the MK Group, which did a great deed 10 years ago by donating the Parents’ House to those in need, namely children suffering from malignant diseases, our brave fighters. The parental home is of particular importance, because children and parents feel better in such a pleasant environment and go through further, usually long-term, treatment more easily,” said Prof. Dr. Gordana Vilotijević Dautović, Director of the Paediatrics Clinic of the Institute for Health Care of Children and Youth of Vojvodina.

The first parental home on the territory of Vojvodina was established in Novi Sad in 2013, when Miodrag Kostić, the President of MK Group, donated his family home worth 1.5 million euros to the Institute for Health Care of Children and Youth of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, in cooperation with NURDOR. It is intended for children who come from outside Belgrade accompanied by their parents, during their treatment for malignant diseases, and this type of accommodation is one of the forms of psycho-social support, playing an important role in the healing process. So far, more than 120 families have found their place under the roof of this home.

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