Modular Home Expo 2023 to be held in May in Zagreb

Modular Home Expo 2023, a fair of prefabricated and modular constructions, the first of its kind in Europe, will be held in the Zagreb Arena from May 4 to 7

More specifically, it is a real exhibition of houses, and as many as a hundred European exhibitors will present themselves at the fair itself.

For four days, it will be a meeting place for those who sell prefabricated and modular constructions and buyers who want to build houses from prefabricated materials, in the form of their own homes or houses for tourism on the coast and the continent, and need information about the quality of the product, the speed of construction and assembly, and ways of reducing energy consumption.

It is an ambitious project that is entering the final stage of preparation.

The trend of building such houses in Croatia is on the rise. For residential care, they are mainly sought by generations of people aged 35 to 55 who live a completely different life dynamic, who are looking for predictable construction costs and fast, affordable and energy-efficient solutions that meet highly sophisticated aesthetic standards.

The insufficient production capacity of Croatian manufacturers to respond to the increased demand for prefabricated buildings for tourist purposes has irrevocably opened the market to foreign exporters. So far, 9 Serbian exhibitors have registered for the Expo, and up to 20 applications from Serbia are expected by the fair itself. Croatia has recognized the quality of Serbian industry and Serbian products will find their way to the European market after the Expo.

I praise the commitment of Serbian entrepreneurs regarding the organization of coming to the Expo. These are highly motivated, professional teams that have fully organized operations and logistics. In a few hours, they define the arrival, order the creation of a new exhibition facility, marketing materials, accommodation, transport, vehicle escort, customs… We are one nation, for whom any border or Schengen is just an administrative procedure.

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