Moët & Chandon – Celebrating Life Since 1743

Unique celebration of the world’s most loved champagne in Belgrade

The world’s most loved champagne house Moët & Chandon hosted prominent members of domestic social life and international guests of the Maison, and marked its 280th anniversary in Belgrade.

The exclusive experience took place at Cabaret Club Lafayette, with the motto “Celebrating Life since 1743”.


A long history of grand and festive events has made Moët & Chandon a global icon of celebration. From royal courts to the red carpets, from the famous Studio 54 to major sporting events, the brand brings people together in exciting and special moments in their lives.

After Sydney, New York, Tokyo, Paris and London during the past years, now Belgrade and Serbia had the privilege to be a part of the brand’s rich history, uniting over 350 guests from 15 countries.

Guests were invited to embark on a journey for the senses to Celebrate Life since 1743 and experience Moët & Chandon’s unique art de vivre and art of celebration rooted in the DNA of the House.   The journey of the event showcased the legacy of celebrations of the Maison in “Chapters” that highlight its history in honoring Women, Life, Sports, Art de Vivre, and the World.

“For nearly 3 centuries Moët & Chandon has been the champagne of choice to mark significant events in both history and personal occasions. This night was a significant event for the Maison and for our region Central Europe, having the opportunity to celebrate the brand`s 280th anniversary in Belgrade by uniting our partners, colleagues, friends, and our esteemed Moët Society members, a community of selected influencers, who share the values of the Maison- greatness, generosity, and elegance. I hope that all our guests took away one key message from this memorable evening:  that life is full of opportunities to celebrate,” said Nóra Szegedi, Brand Manager Central Europe, Moët Hennessy.

The visual and dance performances -under the artistic direction of Milan Gromilić, Lafayette Art director- were completed by the magical voice of the special guest of the evening – jazz artist Lena Kovačević.

The event was attended by numerous celebrities from the world of show business and art, such as: Maja Nikolić, Danijela Buzurović, Brana Antović, Boško Jakovljević, Nenad Radujević, Jelena Blečić, Miloš Nadaždin and many others.

One of the highlights of the evening was the tasting of Moët & Chandon exceptional Grand Vintage 2004, presented exclusively in Jeroboam size. These special bottles were shared with guests and represent the very spirit that makes Moët & Chandon unique. This limited edition, only produced at 280 bottles worldwide, matured in cellars for more than 15 years, will mark the milestone anniversary of Moët & Chandon reflecting a singularly outstanding combination of maturity, complexity, and charisma, making it a perfect fit to celebrate an awe-inspiring moment of the House.

The event was brought to life with the collaboration of Energystar International, the official distributor of Moët & Chandon in Serbia.


Photo: New Entertaiment office

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