More than 1,000 young people ready for their first job

Within the major national project for youth “Future #for5” in only one month, 1,180 high school students from 10 cities in Serbia, went through educational workshops titled “Prepare #for5”. Thanks to this project, funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation, the youth had the opportunity to learn how to create a quality CV, make a good LinkedIn profile and prepare for a job interview.

The aim of “Prepare #for5” workshops is that young people gain practical experience and the necessary skills and knowledge to be competitive in the labor market and help them find the job easier. It is a peer education run by young, trained trainers from all over the country.


So far 60 workshops in 30 high schools across Serbia were held. Workshops were conducted in Belgrade, Bor, Nis, Novi Pazar, Kragujevac, Kikinda, Vranje, Sombor, Pancevo and Cacak. The plan is to conduct 140 more workshops for high school students and add Krusevac and Novi Sad to the list of cities where education will be held.


“I am especially pleased that the high school students pointed out that most of the things are completely new to them, because no one has learned them so far these skills and knowledge. Participation in the job interview simulation was very interesting to them, that training was led by their peers as well. They also commended the atmosphere and the dynamic of the workshops, as well as the preparation and spontaneity of educators”, said Milena Spasović, member of the school Team for medical and educational work of Medical school in Zvezdara.


“Groups with whom we worked mostly do not have prior knowledge, so methods and approach were very interesting to them. The big plus of these workshops is the fact that we are recognized as a potential opportunity by teachers and they ask us to send them material or ask us to come again”, said trainer Predrag Topalov.


The leader of “Future #for5” project is “Center E8”, with strategic support of “Association of Serbian high school students”, organizational and PR support of V+O Communication agency. The project is supported by Coca-Cola Foundation, the Ministry of Youth and Sport and Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

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