MT-KOMEX is building a solar power plant for NURDOR

The MT-KOMEX Company, a pioneer in solar power plant construction projects in Serbia, will donate a solar power plant to the NURDOR association to mark the company’s 30th anniversary.

During three decades of business, MT-KOMEX has built and supplied equipment for a large number of ground and roof solar power plants, with a total installed power of 60MW. They supplemented their turn towards innovation and renewable energy sources with a new segment by expanding their business to develop a network of chargers for electric cars.

As a socially responsible company, MT-KOMEX regularly works on promoting renewable energy sources and projects in this segment while paying special attention to environmental protection.

Listening closely to the needs of vulnerable and particularly sensitive groups in our society, MT-KOMEX decided to support the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer – NURDOR this year. The company will build a small 7kW solar power plant on one of the houses used by NURDOR, which will help reduce their monthly electricity bill. The Association can use the money saved in this way to fund other needs, both of NURDOR and its beneficiaries.

“Since the Republic of Serbia has set a strategic goal of generating 40 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2040, the MT-KOMEX Company, which has devoted its attention and knowledge to solar energy has been quite busy in this aspect for quite some time now. We are currently building the largest solar power plant in Serbia – DeLasol, which spans 12 hectares and consists of as many as 17,980 state-of-the-art solar panels with a total power of 11.7MWp. The power plant will become operational on March 1, 2023, and will not have any negative impact on the environment. Despite numerous obligations, we try to always find time and means to use our know-how and experience to help those who need help the most. This year, we will build a small solar power plant on one of the houses used by the NURDOR association”, said Miloš Kostić, CEO of MT-KOMEX.

“We would like to congratulate the MT-KOMEX Company on its first 30 years of business with the desire to continue to be successful. We believe in the company, because solar energy is the future and one of the sustainable ways of obtaining energy. NURDOR, an association of parents of children with cancer, was founded 19 years ago and provides comprehensive support to children and young people suffering from cancer, as well as their families. NURDOR’s current priority is the new Parents’ House in Belgrade, which will permanently solve the problem of housing children and their families who are being treated in Belgrade and who do not live in this city. NURDOR has several houses in Belgrade, but unfortunately, they are not enough to house the children who are receiving medical treatment, so this project is very important to us, because it will permanently solve the housing problem. It is quite clear how valuable and significant this donation is, because the solar power plant that we received today from MT-KOMEX will find its full purpose and serve our small tenants and their big Super Heroes in their fight. Thank you so much and you can be so proud of yourself for doing such a great and humane thing”, said Joland Karera, President of NURDOR.

The company’s team of experts is in charge of introducing new business areas on the domestic market, and MT-KOMEX’s engineers and installers regularly attend specially devised training sessions and have all the required certificates. This company stands out for its willingness to provide clients with full support at all times in all project phases – from the development stage to the drafting of technical acceptance documentation and the issuance of a use permit.

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