“Music of Hope” Winner of the Important Testimony of Kindness Award

The “Music of Hope” program, which has been successfully implemented in Serbia since 2014, won the important Testimony of Kindness award, which was awarded by the Serbian Philanthropic Forum on the occasion of this year’s National Day of Giving.

Photo: Duško Vukić

As part of the award ceremony, the percussion and choral ensemble of students from the “Branko Pešić” Elementary School from Zemun, where this important program is implemented, performed. The percussion ensemble was led by the percussionist from the Belgrade Philharmonic, Aleksandar Radulović, and the choir by the professor of the Stanković Music School, Biljana Simenović.

On the occasion of the award presentation, Djurđa Papazoglu, executive and artistic director of the program, said: “I believe that working to achieve an inclusive education system means investing in human resources and the educational future of participants in social and cultural life, who are more open to diversity.”

“Music of Hope” is a social change and development program for children and youth that uses music and group musicianship to encourage a child’s intellectual, social, emotional, and moral development, thereby creating responsible citizens who contribute to their community. It was launched in 2010. on the model of the El Sistema program 2, which was created in Venezuela in 1974. and which is currently implemented in 60 countries around the world and includes a total of about 4 million children.

The “Music of Hope” program cooperates with selected teaching staff of music schools throughout Serbia and numerous artists, with the aim of building a network of experts who will improve the pedagogical methods of learning music and thereby contribute to the reform of education.

Traditionally, the Serbian Philanthropic Forum, on the National Day of Giving – October 9, praises prominent philanthropists, individuals, companies, organizations and draws the public’s attention to the importance of solidarity and charity, as well as the importance of joint investment in the common good. This year, as a response to the tragic May events, the Forum also recognized the exceptional works of students from all schools in Serbia, who showed and proved their commitment to fostering camaraderie, tolerance, and caring for others and humanity.

On the occasion of the recognition of the “Music of Hope” program, Veran Matić, executive director of the Serbian Philanthropic Forum, said: “In our society, we lack hope, without which there is no life.” It is especially important that vulnerable groups and individuals have hope and faith in a better life. The music of hope, through creativity, music, and song, helps to convey that hope to those who need support the most. Spreading hope and kindness is healing both for those who are part of the project and for all of us who enjoy the music created by young people. That’s why we call on all donors to give support so that the Music of Hope survives and spreads in schools all over Serbia.”

Read more information about the program at the website.

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