Nelt Announces Growth In Turnover Of 28.5% In 2016

After three years of consolidated operations of all companies in the organisational system of Nelt Group, the Group achieved significant results. In 2015 the turnover was 702 million euros, while by organic growth, by signing a contract with the new principals and customers, as well as by launching new businesses in 2015 Nelt Group increased the number of employees by 250 and by the end of the year it is expecting revenue growth of 28, 5 percent.

Miloš Jelić - izvršni direktor Nelt Grupe

Today, 12 companies under the Nelt Group employs nearly 4,000 people in 7 markets, making it one of the most successful domestic business systems. By applying new technologies in all our activities, professional responding to the needs of our customers and principals, we have become successful and recognisable business system.” Said Miloš Jelić, Executive Director of Nelt Grupe. Better positioning in the market of logistics services, geographic expansion and continued investment in development, are the strategic orientations which Nelt Group wants to ensure reliable operation in the future.

Tradicionalni godišnji radni doručak predstavnike medija Nelt Grupe 01 Tradicionalni godišnji radni doručak za predstavnike medija Nelt Grupe 02


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