Shoppi Retail Park Opened in Borča

Belgrade Mayor Siniša Mali and Director of MPC Properties, the Thomas H. Villadsen, officially opened the second Shoppi Retail Park, with more than 13,000 square meters of surface and total investment value of 15 million euros.


“Construction is a visible sign that the whole left bank of the Danube is progressing, and it is being reaffirmed and as a centre of trade. For Borča it is extremely important that the retail park created over 500 jobs for our fellow citizens,” said Mayor Siniša Mali. “Shoppi Retail Park in Borča was built in record time and is 100% leased. I thank the Mayor of Belgrade, as well as all institutions of the city administration for the excellent cooperation and support in the process of obtaining all necessary permits” said Director of MPC Properties, a Thomas H. Villadsen. Construction management and leasing property management company entrusted to Confluence Property Management.

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