NELT Winner of the VIRTUS Prize for Philanthropy “Trail Foundation”

Nelt received the VIRTUS Award for a long-term partnership between the business and non-profit sector for the Nelt Educational Programme (NEP), which has been implemented for the third year in cooperation with the 12 HUB Gallery and the New Iskra Gallery.

The award-winning program enables students to gain new knowledge and experience through innovative lectures and mentoring through innovative projects. From economics and entrepreneurship, through critical theory, activism and cultural management to dramatic art, design and new technologies, students pass through a unique experience of cooperation and knowledge. This year’s cycle takes place under the slogan “Think Future!”. “Empowering young people and enabling them to experience diverse perspectives of technology, culture, art and business through an interdisciplinary program are the basics on which this project is based. In this, our cooperation with G12 HUB and Nova Iskra is extremely important to us, and that is why it is especially important that the VIRTUS Award was given in the category of cooperation. “, said Nebojša Šaponjić, one of the founders of Nelt.


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