In the year when it marks 60 years of existence, Radio Television of Serbia gives to the citizens the RTS Planeta, a multimedia internet platform that allows us to watch and listen to our favourite content anytime, anywhere in the world.

On RTS Planets live we can watch 11 television channels (RTS1, RTS2, RTS3, RTS HD, RTS World, RTS Life, RTS Drama, RTS Kolo, RTS Music, RTS Treasury and RTS Poletarac) and 4 radio channels (Radio Belgrade 1, Radio Beograd 2, Radio Belgrade 3 and Radio Beograd 202). For a delayed viewing and listening, 72 hours of “catch up” service is available. Users also have Video On Demand and Audio On Demand (the ability to watch TV and radio shows in the Video Library and the Hearing Aid), as well as the ability to view individual stories from the RTS correspondence network within My City. Also, on the multimedia platform RTS Planeta, PGP RTS music releases are also available. One functionality, in addition to delayed viewing and listening, is the possibility of simultaneous tracking of four TV and radio channels. RTS Planeta ( is available to all Internet users around the world.

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