Nestlé for healthier food and drinks

Nestlé has supported the efforts of the Dutch presidency of the EU Council focused on the development of food policy, within which we should motivate the industry to invest in healthier products.

luis cantarell

To mark the 150th anniversary of the company Nestlé, the Brussels conference was held and the topics of discussion were the viability and the future of food. Luis Cantarell, Nestlé Executive Regional Vice President stressed that the industry needs to act immediately rather than waiting for regulatory changes: “When 30% of the EU population is obese, there is a problem and we need to do more. Today we have 28 different national solutions and the replacement of existing laws with one strong political framework of the EU will encourage competition to bring innovation and the next generation of nutrition will be scientifically substantiated and personalised, thus playing a key role in the management and prevention of disease.”


In the last 2 years, Nestlé has removed 8,600t of sugar, 260t of sodium and 440t of saturated fat from its food and beverages portfolio and it works through its subsidiary Nestlé Health Science, established in 2011.


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