New place for gathering: Plato at the Cultural Center of Belgrade

Belgrade will soon get a new, multifunctional public space within the Belgrade Waterfront, which can be used for daily relaxation, as well as for organizing various cultural and entertainment events.

Directly along the Sava River, as part of the Sava Walkway, a plateau in front of the future symbol of the city, Kula Beograd, will be a unique open space that has become a new place for the gathering of Belgrade and their guests.

Plato next to the tower Belgrade will improve the cultural offer of the city, as a multifunctional space whose contents will be adapted to different seasons, which will be used for the holding of concerts, festivals and other important events.

It looked like a plateau inspired by the art of national squares, famous for its striking style. However, designers have taken into account local heritage and tradition, in order to create a space that will attract the observer’s attention in seconds.

By combining modern elegance and rich tradition, this architectural venture will open up a new world of possibilities for spending free time and moment for winning the heart of Belgrade and their guests.

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