Novak Djokovic Foundation Starts Providing Medical Equipment to Healthcare Centers across Serbia

The delivery of medical equipment, organized by our Foundation, to healthcare institutions treating patients with COVID-19, has started. The first shipment, involving 4 ventilators and 20 patient monitoring devices, was donated to the Clinical Centre in Kragujevac, to support all the effort doctors and health workers invest to combat the COVID-19 crisis.

As agreed with competent state institutions, the most valuable part of the donation, a CT SCAN with all accessories and four non-invasive ventilation devices with a large number of kits, will be distributed to the Belgrade Clinic for Infectious Diseases and the Pulmonology Clinic of the Clinical Centre of Serbia (KCS), since the patients with the most severe COVID-19 symptoms are being treated in these institutions. As part of the donations, two ventilators will be delivered to the Clinical Centre in Kosovska Mitrovica.

Photo: Jelena Ivanovic

We tried to collect all the information about what these healthcare facilities needed the most, not only the ones located in Belgrade, but also the ones in cities around Serbia, in places where the other COVID-19 hot spots are, as well as to obtain the best equipment available. We will keep observing the situation. Once again, we would like to express our deep gratitude to all healthcare workers on their enormous sacrifice and around-the-clock work so that all patients can be brought to hospitals, receive proper treatment, and fully recover,” said Jelena Djokovic, Global CEO and Co-Founder of the Novak Djokovic Foundation.

Photo: Jelena Ivanovic

In the coming days, the Foundation will deliver the necessary medical equipment to other COVID centers all over Serbia, including 10 ventilators, x-ray devices, vital sign monitors, special shoes, and other equipment which shall be distributed in accordance with the needs of those healthcare institutions.

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