One of the most modern apple seedlings in Southeast Europe

In 2007, Delta Agrar company in its property, A.D. The “Podunavlje” in Čelarevo has built one of the most modern apple seedlings in Southeast Europe. The orchard today has an area of ​​500 ha and is located in the Backaplanac region with excellent climatic and edaphic conditions (physical, chemical and biological properties of the land), which enable high and stable yields to be achieved.

Fruit production has been extended to eastern Serbia with 100 new hectares in Zajecar, and the plan of Delta Agrar is that it spends 100 ha per year.

“This year, 25 000 tons of apples were produced in our orchard. We are proud of this result given that we had problems that were characterized by very unstable times, and the temperature oscillations were such that we experienced April in April and in April of January. It was later on and a very warm spring with temperatures of 28-30 ͦC, rainy summer and dry autumn. Our most numerous varieties are Modi, Golden Delis and Greni Smit, whose genus is 15 000 tonnes this year. In the perspective, in three years, the most numerous are expected to be Modi, Pink Lady and Evelin. “- says Nikola Milicevic, director of the Danube region.

The latest #HiTech Orchard is organized by the Italian SUDTIROL technology and it is equipped with a spray system (late spring frost protection system), a fertile irrigation system (irrigation system), and an antifactal protection system, making it the largest orchard of this type in South East Europe.

The entire apple production is carried out according to the GLOBAL GAP system, which ensures export quality. The modern Ultra Low Oxygen refrigerator has a total capacity of 25,000 tons, and thanks to the dynamic atmosphere, the complete apple tree can be stored in chambers for up to 300 days as needed.

On orchards intensively produce famous world varieties of apples: Gala, Breburn marriri red, Golden delicious rajnders, Red Delis, Greni smit. Club apples Modi, Kiku, Pink Lady and Evelina are produced as members of a producer club, the only one in this part of Europe. These exclusive brands can only be manufactured by manufacturers who have demonstrated exceptional performance and dedication, product safety and quality in their work.

Pink lady ® – Much more than apple – Color pink, crisp and juicy. Harvesting season at the end of October / early November. Useful in everyday nutrition and as gourmet apples for preparing different meals.

Modi ® – Perfectly balanced apple – Intense red apple, balanced taste between sweet and sour. It is characterized by a long shelf life, at room temperature, it remains juicy for several weeks. Available September / May.

Kiku® – Super delicious apple – Red with yellow stripes, extremely sweet. Start harvesting October and available for 9 months.

Evelina ® – Surprise Taste – Red yellow, firm and tolerant apple that keeps the freshness of newly-harvested apples. Available from September 10 months.
We have also obtained the exclusive right to manufacture two new Club Varieties Isaac and Red Moon.

Red moon® – Red meat apple – Excellent for processing, because it does not oxidise, it retains its color in all its forms (juices, cider, freshly cut …). Storage up to spring.

Isaaq ® – Snack apple – Fresh and resistant, insensitive and kept for a long time. Attractive for its caliber that is suitable for pockets.

The basic characteristic of fruits from our region, which makes moderate climate and quality land, is exactly a high percentage of sugar, which gives it exceptional sweetness and excellent taste, which is appealing to everyone.

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