Online conference E-COMMERCE REVOLUTION – Transformation of e-commerce after the pandemic

The seventh online conference in 2020. Organized by Color Media Communications, E-COMMERCE REVOLUTION has been dedicated to e-commerce, was held on July 7. There were two panels, E-commerce metamorphosis an E-commerce boom.

Dragana Stanić, Vice Governor of the National Bank of Serbia, pointed out: “Instant payment is the most modern form of payment that currently exists in the world. The Republic of Serbia implemented it a month before it was implemented by the European Union.”

Robert Čoban, president of the Color press group and organizer of the event, said that we are still in the “heart of a perfect storm” and have great economic consequences. This is a new reality for us and our children.

Milica Ratković from Vip Mobile pointed out “In just over a month, more than 14,000 people visited the Vip virtual store and the conversion is great because that’s where the sale ended, which means it wasn’t just curiosity to see what it’s all about.”

Vladimir Đorđević from VISA said “We try to encourage retailers to get involved in online sales. We advise them on how to make a good website, how to keep the users they have and attract new users. We try to make it easier for them to manage their businesses. ”

Maja Marković, from Mercator S, mentioned “E-commerce has entered the big door and is here to stay. It is our task to create new normality in which we will all be able to function.”

Bojan Pavlović, from AIK Bank, said at the conference: “The only area where we can expect growth is e-commerce. The crisis itself has pushed us even further into digital transformation and we now offer all our services in the online version.”

The event was supported by: Vip Mobile, Visa, Idea online prodavnica and AIK Bank.

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