Online conference E-Commerce Revolution

The seventh online conference in 2020 organized by Color Media Communications, E-COMMERCE REVOLUTION, dedicated to online trade will be held on July 7th starting at 11 am

All those interested will be able to follow the conference via a live stream on the YouTube channel and the Facebook page Color Media Communications.

Official statistics for Europe says that e-commerce has declined and that only certain areas of trade have benefited. The data in our country show stagnation, although for us the problem is more of a logistical and software nature because the numbers show that the interest of Serbian citizens in online trade has definitely increased. Something that has been being worked on for years, flourished in times of crisis and state of emergency. Those who already had developed online activities overcame the crisis of Covid-19 pandemic more easily because they directed clients and customers to perform their claims on existing online platforms, and a large number of companies started to expand their online presence for the first time.

At this conference, we will try to complete the e-commerce story of Serbia as much as possible, and some of the issues we will deal with are: what did e-commerce look like during the state of emergency, to what extent will companies continue to develop their online services and shops, which shortcomings have been identified in e-commerce, what steps have been taken to address them, new logistics trends, new platforms, education and many other topics.

You can see more information at the link:

The conference was supported by VIP Mobile, VISA and Idea online prodavnica.

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