OTP Leasing Serbia’s offer that drives change

A special offer for financing electric and hybrid vehicles

At a time when it is imperative that we focus on the environment that is constantly exposed to the powerful impact of various pollutants, especially after the Industrial Revolution, the auto-industry is particularly dedicated to innovation in an effort to address this problem. Producing vehicles that do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere is a major step forward for our planet, but in the past decade, access to these vehicles was not at a satisfactory level.

In order to encourage, support and contribute to the creation of a better quality environment, market leader OTP Leasing Serbia has prepared a special offer for financing electric and hybrid vehicles, which is not subsidized by suppliers. These vehicles represent the guards of our environment, and with such a unique market offer, with a variable interest rate of 2.20% and processing costs of 0.2%, they have now become a reality. The loans that OTP Bank offers for these vehicles will also soon be adapted to the market.

Results of OTP Leasing in 2019

Following the release of the leasing industry’s results in 2019, it was noticeable that OTP Leasing maintained its leading market position with EUR 103 million-worth of leasing portfolio, which is a 20% market share in the new production. As of the end of the third quarter, the financial leasing market also grew by 21% compared to the previous year. Furthermore, OTP Leasing is a leader in financing both new and used passenger cars with a total financing of EUR 41.6 million. Plus, the company ranks first in the financing of commercial vehicles with an amount of EUR 38.7 million.

As a leader in the financial leasing market since 2015, the former Sogelease and now OTP Leasing Serbia, has recorded a steady increase in the number of new contracts and the amount of financing. It has 10,300 active contracts in its portfolio, worth EUR 150 million. Relative to the same period in 2018, OTP Leasing’s total portfolio grew by 20% percent.

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