Paintings from Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection made the residence of US Ambassador – a real home!

The paintings of Šumanović, Konjović, Dobrović, Lubarda and the works of other artists were included in Pavle Beljanski Collection between the two world wars. Beljanski was a remarkable gentleman with classy behaviour and always immaculately shaven face, a great diplomat, benefactor and visionary. His collection will, during the next four months, decorate the residence of US Ambassador in Belgrade, H E Kyle Randolph Scott.


In excellent Serbian, Ambassador Scott warmly thanked the team of the Memorial Collection of Pavle Beljanski, the Director Jasna Jovanov and art historians Jasmina Jakšić Subić and Milica Orlović Čobanov. Ambassador  selected 18 famous paintings of the greatest Serbian painters carefully and with refined taste after only one visit to the Residence.

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“I thank from the depth of my heart to all those who quickly, professionally and, I would say, with love, chose these particular artworks, which fit greatly in every corner of our new home. During my career I moved with my family seventeen or eighteen times, and every time we got into a new house, it was beautiful, but somehow empty. After only a month and a half after our arrival in Serbia, with the help of these great ladies, our new house became home.” said Mr. Scott, officially addressing to the audience.

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Asked whether he selected his favourite picture, the Ambassador said that it was very difficult to choose only one, but still decided to choose Šumanović and his “Šid under the snow” from 1935.

He added that he was not at all surprised by the beauty, quality and value of the artworks of the Memorial Collection of Pavle Beljanski, because as he studied Beljanski’s life and work he became convinced of Beljanski’s unusual ability and vision to recognise a real talent. A special appreciation to Beljanski is owed to the fact the he was a philanthropist and a selfless collector, and because he gave his people an everlasting gift.



Jasna Jovanov thanked the Ambassador for his hospitality and the fact that he enabled the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection to be heard and seen this way. By means of this event, the world would know better about Beljanski’s humility and kindness. She further thanked the team of Color Media Events and Color presss Group for their cooperation in the realisation of this project. Finally, she expressed the hope that this was just the beginning of a joint work that would promote culture and art of our country.

Apart from numerous journalists, cameramen, photographers, and eminent personalities, especially from the world of culture, arts and media, the opening of the exhibition was attended by Minister of Culture and Information Ivan Tasovac, famous Serbian painter Milan Cile Marinković and his wife, whose painting is located in the building of the US Embassy just across the street from the office of Ambassador Scott, and Pavle’s descendant Milan Isaković, who revealed that Beljanski was exactly the opposite of the grim and untouchable artists, but they will nevertheless live forever through his gift.




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