#WinterFest2016 gathered hundreds of wine and culinary experts, journalists, celebrities and hedonists

Organised by Color Press Group and Interfest, the Winterfest Wine & Ski festival of wine and gastronomy was held on the most beautiful mountain in Serbia. The festival brought together a large number of lovers of wine lovers, tasty bites, snow, skiing and hedonism.


Winterfest Wine & Ski festival was held in the beautiful surroundings of MK Mountain Resort, and a chance to open the festival was given to Ljubica Radan, a certified lecturer of the London School of wine, who presented wine etiquette in the course of her two-hour lecture.


Guests are able to apply instantly their newly acquired knowledge and, because the wine and gastronomy lounge immediately followed, and there they were presented with the most famous wineries in Serbia and the region with over 150 quality wines and gastronomic specialties. Wine Lounge was visited, during the first two evenings, by several hundred guests, in addition to wine had the opportunity to taste the specialties of central Serbia, snails from the Hengert kennel and characteristic dishes prepared by the Embassy of Switzerland.


Wineries and distilleries that were presented at this year’s Wine Salon are: Kovačević Winery, Zvonko Bogdan Winery, Aleksić Winery, Dibonis Winery, Tikveš Winery, Spasić Winery, Bačina Wine, Marinković Distillery, Čoka Winery, Belo Brdo Winery, Rubin Winery, Stara Sokolova, Plantaže, Minić Wine House, Rasković Winery, Rakičević Wine House, Živković Winery, Rajković Brothers Cellar, Nikolić Winery, Đorđević Cellar, Vila Vina Winery, Distillery Milenković and Marinković


The popular band The Frajle raised to the maximum already hot atmosphere after the salon during  the first day. Several hundred people were singing, dancing and enjoying the music and wine. The Frajle have repeatedly returned singing an encore, with their new and old hits.


The next two days of the festival guests enjoyed sipping sparkling wine from Radgonske Gorice at the top of Karaman ridge overlooking the whole Kopaonik and takining part in competition in making bean organised by the Bean Fest at the Vučja staza Restaurant.


Wine and culinary panels have attracted much attention. The best chefs, wine journalists, sommeliers and producers discussed on the topic of wine marketing, sales and export of wines, international and Balkan cuisine. Workshop of “pairing food and wine” led by the chef of the Madera Restaurant, Zoran Stevanović and the sommelier of Kalemegdanska Terasa restaurant, Željko Gašparević evoked the harmony of taste and smell for all the attendees.


On behalf of the Dibonis Winery, the workshop of pairing wine or brandy and Eugen chocolates was led by the sommelier Pavle Radanović. Tamara Ognjević’s lectures about food and wine, on behalf of the Artis Center and those of wine journalist Paul Balke have attracted great attention not only of the participants but also the media. Interesting information about wine and gastronomy during the panel was completed by the tasting of wines from Piedmont, Switzerland and Serbia.

Some of the participants of this year’s Winterfest were: painter János Meszáros, Filip Ćirić, chef of the Homa Restaurant, Goran Kovačević, chef of the Square Nine Hotel, Igor Luković, editor of Wine & Fine, Tomislav Ivanović, author of the best wine blog in the world, Mišo Jeverica, head chef of the Embassy of Switzerland as well as many others.






















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