PepsiCo Inc. announced agenda of sustainability

PepsiCo, Inc. announced an ambitious global agenda of sustainability created to encourage continuous business growth in a manner that respects the needs of consumers and society.

indra_nooyi_PepsiCo CEO Poslovanje sa svrhom (3)

Business Platform with the purpose for the coming decade is focused on three main priorities: to contribute to better health and greater prosperity through the products it sells; protection of the planet and the communities in which it operates and empower people around the world. Efforts include the company’s specific goals by 2025 in view of the continuing transformation of the product portfolio of food and beverage company PepsiCo, the global contribution to a more sustainable system of food production and assist in achieving the progress of local communities. “To succeed in today’s volatile and changing world, corporations must do three things extremely well: to focus on achieving top financial performance in order to work in a way that is sustainable over time and to respond to the needs of society,” said Indra Nuji, president and CEO of PepsiCo.


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