Plazma Salty – enjoy it everywhere

In the beautiful surroundings of the Homa Restaurant, Brand Plasma made by Bambi, organised a gathering at which it presented its new Plasma Salty.

Plasma Salty is new Plasma experience that allows you to enjoy the plasma in a completely new way – with yogurt, savory spreads, exotic spices. The officials present at events event were addressed by representatives of Bambi – Nemanja Brković, Manager of Public Affairs and Marija Rakić, brand manager, as a guest – food blogger Milkica Crevar Sakač (Mimi’s Kingdom). “Plasma Salty is a way to enrich and expand the Plasma experience and to offer our customers even greater choice. We opened the door to a number of new combinations and ways that you can enjoy the Plasma! Plasma Salty is a snack, meal, and a refreshment service, because as you know all these years: Plasma is all you need,” emphasised the representative of Bambi. The guests had the opportunity to enjoy the great atmosphere and fun, try the excellent savory specialties in combination with plasma Salty, as well as to indulge their imagination and explore all that new ways that can create a new Plasma experience.

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