PRO.PR AWARDS granted for Serbian winners

Terme Tuhelj in a festive atmosphere, were for the sixth consecutive time, a place for the ceremony of the prestigious PROPR Awards granting.

Terme Tuhelj, 08.04.2017.
ProPR awards
Snimio Igor Nobilo

The particularity of this award is that it is the only awards programme in the field of communication management, which is awarded to individuals, not projects, whose work is full of professionalism and love loyal communication processes. This year’s winners of PRO.PR Awards from Serbia are: Professor Tamara Vlastelica at the University of Belgrade, Andrea Váci of the City of Subotica, Arsen Rudan from Air Serbia. ”All this year’s winners, in addition to careers that were built in the public relations industry through dedication, possess the perseverance and discipline and they generously share their knowledge and experiences with the aim of inspiring the public relations profession. PROPR Awards is a story of passion and love for the work of public relations, which is proud to continue.” said the president of the commission PROPR Awards, g. Danijel Koletić.

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